ARCTIC releases MX-6 thermal grease with 20% performance improvement

ARCTIC, a major heat dissipation manufacturer, has now launched a new generation of thermal grease - MX-6, which has improved materials, improved performance by 20%, and increased viscosity. This thermal grease is available in 2g to 8g packs, as well as the MX Cleaner model, which starts at $6.79 on Amazon for 2g packs.

The 4g package of the MX-4 currently on sale in China is 34.9 yuan, and the thermal conductivity is 8.5W (MK). Given the excellent performance of the MX-4, we consider the "20% improvement" benchmark here to be the MX-5.

Regarding the material, Arctic says they have done this without expensive ingredients like expensive diamond dust or various precious metals, and it is non-conductive and non-capacitive.

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