ASUS: PC business is expected to drop 15% in the fourth quarter

Today, PC maker Asus held a legal meeting and announced its third-quarter financial report. Data show that ASUS’ third-quarter revenue was NT$132.935 billion, an increase of 15% month-on-month and 2% year-on-year.

During the reporting period, ASUS’ operating gross profit was NT$15.409 billion, an increase of 10% month-on-month and a year-on-year decrease of 36%; operating profit was NT$3.057 billion (about 697 million yuan), an increase of 56% month-on-month and year-on-year. 72% reduction.

Looking forward to the fourth quarter, ASUS expects that PC shipments in the fourth quarter of this year will decrease by 15% month-on-month; component products benefit from the launch of new platforms and new models to drive demand, and it is expected that shipments in the fourth quarter will increase quarter-on-quarter 5%.

ASUS’ revenue in October this year was NT$40.318 billion, a decrease of 32.6% from the previous month and a decrease of 10.4% year-on-year; the accumulated revenue in the first ten months of this year was NT$450.434 billion (about 102.249 billion yuan), a year-on-year decrease of 450.434 billion yuan. An increase of 5.2%.

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