Audio-Technica launches AT-SB2022 portable vinyl record player

According to the official news of Audio-Technica, the AT-SB2022 portable vinyl record player is limited to 7,000 units worldwide, and the suggested retail price of the National Bank is 1,880 yuan.

AT-SB2022, as a limited edition of Sound Burger, adopts the same psychedelic red color scheme as it was forty years ago, and fully upgrades its performance according to the current technical standards to make it match today's high-definition Music playback performance.

The AT-SB2022 prototype comes from the portable vinyl record player AT-727 released by Audio-Technica in 1982. It is called Sound Burger because of its iconic clip record reading method that resembles a "hamburger". The design of the exposed record when playing the record is quite rebellious among the traditional vinyl record players that are either square or round, and it also brings design inspiration to many similar products in the future. It can still be seen in many designs in the CD era.

The AT-SB2022 has added a built-in lithium battery, USB-C charging function, Bluetooth + RCA wireless & wired dual output mode, and modernized and upgraded core parts such as disk reading components. The phono head adopts the original Audio-Technica AT3600L moving magnet phono head, which is equipped with Audio-Technica linear metal tonearm and supports 33-1/3RPM & 45RPM discs with two-speed specifications. In terms of battery life, the AT-SB2022 ideally has a maximum battery life of up to 12 hours.

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