Avery and released flagship dual-conductive earplugs Odyssey

Astell&Kern and the US high-end brand Empire Ears officially announced the launch of the first joint flagship dual-conductive earplugs - Odyssey priced at 27,999 yuan in China.

This product adopts the unique Quadbrid system structure of five moving iron + dual electrostatic + dual (W9+) moving coil + W10 driver, which realizes a revolutionary dual conduction mode - air conduction + contact conduction, which makes portable The level of immersion that Hi-Fi can provide has never been higher, bringing listeners an original sound that is full of energy, emotion, and passion.

Officially, Odyssey evolved from the epic flagship earbuds Odin (Odin), and with the help of Legend EVO (legendary) technology, it integrates the essence of Astell&Kern and Empire Ears.

Appearance: Odyssey's color panels are made of bright, colorful glass-like ENIGMA panels, a one-of-a-kind exclusive dichroic panel with a unique ability to filter and reflect specific wavelengths of light that change with viewing angle Produce stunning color transitions.

Acoustic structure: 10 customized high-performance drivers are built into the Odyssey cavity, which enables it to break through the technical bottleneck of the industry and reproduce the sound quality that is infinitely close to the original sound. It consists of 5 moving iron units, 2 electrostatic units, 2 W9 + subwoofers, and a W10 driver, through a unique 7-way synX crossover network and EIVEC MKII engine, all units are perfectly coordinated to ensure that it is in 5Hz-100kHz The frequency response range conveys more details and lower distortion, allowing people to have more fun in the sound of music.

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