Babitang launches Microsoft Xbox handle dual charging base

8BitDo recently launched a Microsoft Xbox handle charging base, named "Ranyun Dual Charging Base", which supports charging two handles at the same time and comes with 2 batteries + 4 back covers, the initial price is 239 yuan.

The 8bittang Cloud Dual Charging Base supports Microsoft Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One S / X, and Xbox One controllers, but does not support Microsoft Xbox Elite Controller 1/2.

The base has two colors of ice white and obsidian black, including the base, power adapter, two 1100mAh batteries, two Xbox Series X / S handle magnetic covers, and two Xbox One series handle magnetic covers.

The base uses contact charging, the battery is equipped with contacts, exposed through a hole in the back cover, and the single handle can be fully charged in 3 hours, and the dual handle can be fully charged in 3.5 hours.

The Babitang Burning Cloud dual-charge base is equipped with three levels of lighting effects. The light is amber when charging, and turns silvery white when fully charged. It supports touch to adjust the brightness of the light.

The Babitang Burning Cloud Dual Charging Base is priced at 299 yuan, and the initial price is 239 yuan. The reservation is now open and will go on sale on the morning of November 30.

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