BOE launched the paper-like eye protection tablet Shiguangji Y1

BOE Yiyun Technology, a subsidiary of BOE, has launched the paper-like eye protection tablet Shiguangji Y1, which is aimed at the elderly, and the price is 1499 yuan. Shiguangji Y1 is equipped with BOE's unique 11-inch paper-like eye protection screen, ten layers of optical protection, non-destructive GAMMA display patents, AI smart dimming, 12 intelligent eye-accurate monitoring, and medical-industrial fusion eye protection services. In terms of system, this tablet is equipped with lightOS, a lightweight system specially designed for elders. The font size, icon size, interface layout, and other elements are carefully designed. The official said that parents can see clearly without wearing reading glasses.

This tablet is equipped with an "8-core" processor with a resolution of 1600*2176, a front-facing 200W+800W pixel camera, a rear 1300W pixel camera, and a battery capacity of 7500mAh.

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