BOE releases super retina eye protection screen

BOE announced a new super retina eye protection screen yesterday, using a new generation of Q9 light-emitting devices, and it will be equipped with Vivo X90 and X90 Pro mobile phones for the first time.

The Vivo X90 and X90 Pro are equipped with BOE’s 6.78-inch hyperbolic OLED screen, using BOE’s new generation of Q9 light-emitting devices, with a resolution of up to 452PPI, meeting the Super Retina screen display standard. The screen adopts BOE's leading wide-color gamut technology. The screen shows that the DCI-P3 color gamut value can reach more than 115%, and the peak brightness is as high as 1300nit.

The X90 series products also adopt the new blue diamond pixel arrangement independently developed by BOE, which optimizes the underlying logical structure of the pixel display and greatly eliminates the fine graininess of the screen display.

Performance: The screens of Vivo X90 and X90 Pro support multi-frequency refresh rate mode, are compatible with up to 120Hz high refresh rate , and have passed SGS low smear certification. In addition, while taking into account the smear-free high-refresh display, the iterative optimization of the Q9 core light-emitting device reduces the power consumption of the screen display by more than 15%.

Eye protection: This product is equipped with industry-leading 2160Hz ultra-high frequency PWM dimming technology, which the official said can minimize the potential harm to the eyes caused by screen strobe even in dark light environments. Equipped with BOE's flexible OLED low-blue light technology and passed the SGS low-blue light certification, by shifting the peak position of harmful blue light in the OLED spectrum, the harmful blue light on the screen can be greatly reduced to 6.5%, which can effectively relieve visual fatigue.

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