BOE takes the lead in formulating the first domestic automotive HUD (head-up display) industry standard

According to the official news of BOE Technology Group, recently, the Chinese electronics industry standard Test Method for Optical Performance of Head-Up Displays for Vehicles led by BOE (BOE) was approved by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. The first industry authoritative test standard for domestic HUD (head-up display).

The standard specifies the test methods of HUD field of view, brightness, distortion, white balance error, and other optical performance parameters from multiple dimensions such as the scope of application, term definition, test conditions, test systems, and test methods process.

During the driving process, the HUD can project important driving information onto the windshield in front of the driver, so that the driver can see the speed, navigation, and other information images without lowering his head or turning his head as much as possible, greatly reducing the driving process. security risks.

Since BOE completed the first domestic AR-HUD real vehicle application in 2018, it has participated in the AR-HUD implementation practice of many car companies and continued to promote the standardization and standardization of HUD.

In July 2022, BOE and BAIC completed the first Rubik's Cube model in China that is truly equipped with large-size AR-HUD and electronic exterior mirrors and has been officially supplied in batches. Its AR-HUD projection area exceeds 60 inches, with a 10° × 4° ultra-wide field of view and 15000nits ultra-high brightness, the virtual image distance is greater than 8 meters, the former windshield is used as a display screen, and the digital information such as navigation, ADAS, instrumentation, etc. is integrated with the real traffic conditions, even in strong light The real display effect can also be presented in the illuminated driving environment.

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