Broadcom integrates BK7235 series high-performance MCU general development board code into Hongmeng OpenHarmony community backbone

According to the release of OpenHarmony, the code of the general-purpose development board based on the BK7235 series high-performance MCU launched by Broadcom Integration (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. (abbreviation: Broadcom Integration) has been officially integrated into OpenAtom OpenHarmony) backbone, which means that Broadcom integration has made breakthroughs in the security of the OpenHarmony open-source operating system and the richness of IoT connectivity.

OpenHarmony is oriented to the era of full-scenario, full-connection, and all-intelligence. Based on the open-source method, OpenHarmony builds the framework and platform for the operating system of smart terminal devices to promote the interconnection of everything.

BK7235 is a Wi-Fi 6 MCU chip integrated and developed by Broadcom, which has been shipped in batches. Recently, the code of BK7235 has been merged into the OpenHarmony backbone. With rich storage and interface resources and highly reliable security architecture, it can provide options for immediate commercial use and continuous iteration for control, voice, and lightweight audio.

The BK7235 single-core version is equipped with 656KB RAM, and the dual-core version is equipped with 800KB RAM and can choose high-speed DDR DRAM internally packaged up to 8Mbyte, making BK7235 suitable for single-ecology single-cloud connections, and can also support multi-ecology and multi-cloud concurrent connections. High-speed 320MHz RISC-V supports DSP and vector AI operation instructions, and single-core and dual-core dynamic power management, so that BK7235 can implement complex intelligent voice and vision algorithms, and can also perform low-power keep-alive connections.

The BK7235 single-core version supports 26 GPIOs, supports 5V IO and 5V direct power supply, integrates 5V DCDC and 5V instantaneous high voltage protection circuits, and is suitable for 5V home appliances with large power fluctuations. BK7235 dual-core version supports 48 GPIOs, integrates dual microphone voice ADC and DAC, supports CIS camera, supports 720p 16-bit RGB LCD display, and integrates hardware image encoding and decoding, suitable for offline voice, video doorbell, and high-definition HMI control panel.

BK7235 has Wi-Fi 6 certification, Bluetooth 5.2 certification, and Matter 1.0 certification and supports Amazon Alexa ecological fast connection MSS certification. With rich internal computing and storage resources, BK7235 can quickly build multi-ecology and multi-link for customers. network equipment.

BK7235 uses an independent hardware isolation security unit to provide security protection for the entire system. It not only supports common secure boot and secure storage, but also uses the highly secure P-384 encryption protocol to enable authentication algorithms, and is white-boxed by a third-party security agency. Check, the entire chip has passed the PSA Level 1 security certification.

The hardware cryptography algorithm of BK7235 not only supports commonly used commercial secrets such as AES, RSA, and ECC but also supports national passwords SM2, SM3, and SM4, providing more efficient and secure protection for devices.

The cryptographic algorithms of BK7235 - commercial ciphers (such as AES, RSA, ECDSA) and TRNG (True Random Number Generator), comply with the US FIPS 140-2 Level 2 certification; national secrets (SM2, SM3, SM4) comply with China's national commercial Password Management Office OSCCA Level 1 certification; the entire chip complies with PSA Level 1 certification, which can provide comprehensive security protection for network devices.

BK7235 has been integrated into the OpenHarmony backbone, and the SDK suitable for various applications is ready. The main warehouse code link:

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