Bullitt partners with MediaTek to launch a phone with two-way satellite communication

As Huawei and Apple took the lead in supporting emergency satellite communications in conventional smartphones, more and more participants in this function have become more and more.

The British rugged mobile phone company Bullitt announced that it will cooperate with MediaTek to launch a mobile phone that supports two-way satellite communication in the first quarter of next year.

Bullitt said that over the past 18 months, Bullitt and MediaTek have worked together to test satellite communication capabilities in the next generation of 5G smartphones designed by Bullitt. The test simulates a connection to a low earth orbit (LEO) satellite, and Bullitt's phone will be able to establish a connection and send a message via satellite in about 10 seconds.

Bullitt pioneered the use of MediaTek's 3GPP NTN chipsets and has also developed proprietary software and service components to deliver OTT satellite messaging services.

Bullitt's satellite communication mobile phone and OTT satellite service will be commercially available in the first quarter of 2023, and will include a free satellite SOS function. The device is a smart service that only switches to a satellite connection when no cellular or Wi-Fi connection is available.

The service will also integrate with the user's existing contacts to provide a seamless experience when using satellite communications to communicate with phones on the cellular network.

Some friends may be unfamiliar with the Bullitt company. The company's main products are mobile phones that work under harsh conditions, and it is also a manufacturer of CAT (Carter mobile phones), Land Rover rugged mobile phones, and Motorola rugged mobile phones.

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