BYD is considering buying a former Ford plant in Brazil

Adalberto Maluf, director of marketing and sustainable development of BYD's Brazilian subsidiary, said that BYD is negotiating with the government of the state of Bahia, Brazil, over the acquisition of Ford's factory that will cease operations in January 2021. Negotiate.

Maluf said the state government still faced unresolved issues and needed to develop a national EV mobility plan and minimum sales targets to justify the decision to nationalize production.

BYD released two SUV models for the Brazilian market on Wednesday. IT Home learned that BYD will start selling these two new electric vehicles in Brazil in November. Stella Li, president of BYD Americas, sees favorable political and environmental developments in Brazil, which is Latin America's largest auto market. 

Maluf said at a launch event in São Paulo on November 16 that BYD is investing about 2.5 billion reais in its VLT project in Bahia state. I believe now is the right time for us to invest politically and environmentally in manufacturing these new technologies in Brazil.

The BYD Song and Yuan will be sold as imports before the new plant goes into production. That would be a challenge, he said, so the company needed a government that was open to technological developments.

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