BYD Semiconductor launched a PIM module with integrated current detection

PIM products, as an important part of the IGBT product category, are comprehensive integrated power devices suitable for industrial frequency conversion and servo drive fields. At this stage, in many application scenarios of IGBT modules, customers will carry out targeted current detection design around the module during circuit design, and perform overcurrent protection on the module while monitoring the working status of the module. BYD Semiconductor is now launching a PIM power module with an integrated current detection function.

Main specifications

NO.1 adopts BYD miniPACK2 and genePACK3 packages, the specification range can cover 1200V 50A-150A, and the main topology is a three-phase full bridge.

NO.2 adopts BYD miniPIM2 and genePIM3 packages, the specification range can cover 1200V 50A-150A, and the main topology is rectification + braking + three-phase full bridge.

Note 1: The module package outline drawing is for reference only, the actual pin distribution is subject to the sample

Note 2: The relevant design has applied for a patent

Product Features Introduction

BYD IGBT4.0 chip is compatible with the mainstream package size in the market, adopts independent sampling signal pins, optimizes DBC layout design, reduces sampling signal interference, high integration, simplifies drive design, expandable packaging, and topology, Customized design can be carried out according to customer needs, and it can be applied in the field of industrial frequency conversion and servo drive.

 BYD Semiconductor's industrial PIM modules have a rich package series and a variety of customized topologies. The products have been applied in batches in white goods, industrial frequency conversion, servo drives, commercial air conditioners, and other fields.

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