CaseLabs that went bankrupt four years ago, is resurrected

CaseLabs, a niche high-end chassis brand in the United States, declared bankruptcy in 2018. It was revived after four years, and a new website has been launched. CaseLabs mainly produces small PC cases, which are high-end and made of aluminum alloy. In August 2018, CaseLabs announced that due to the high price of aluminum in the United States, coupled with the high tariff of 25%, the cost surged by 80%, and it had to file for bankruptcy.

In 2021, the CaseLabs brand was acquired by a Swedish company named  Emil Rytterstedt, so the headquarters was moved from the United States to Sweden.

CaseLabs new website is live, and according to new owner Emil Rytterstedt, they will work with former employees and enthusiasts who continue to work abroad to preserve the original spirit, look and feel of the product. The company also said it would consider offering compensation to North American customers to offset shipping costs for shipments from Sweden.

However, the website does not currently list chassis products, but simply introduces the history of the brand, and it is expected to start production again in the near future, giving DIY enthusiasts a new choice.

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