Changguang Chenxin released GMAX4002 global shutter near-infrared enhanced CMOS image sensor

Changguang Chenxin announced the launch of the latest product of the GMAX series - GMAX4002, which further enriches the GMAX small-area scan CMOS product line and provides more choices for small-area scan industrial cameras. GMAX4002 adopts a 4um charge domain global shutter pixel design with an effective resolution of 2048 (H) x 1200 (V), which can be widely used in various visual application scenarios such as positioning, detection, and identification, as well as barcode readers, ANPR, and other applications ideal choice.

Thanks to the 4um pixel design, the GMAX4002 has a full well capacity of 12 ke- and a readout noise of less than 2.3e-, making its maximum dynamic range 68.5 dB; the combination of the microlens and unique light pipe technology enables the chip to have lower -92 dB shutter efficiency and excellent angular response; GMAX4002 peak quantum efficiency reaches 72%, and the blessing of Red Fox technology further improves the chip's response in the near-infrared band, enabling its quantum efficiency at 850 nm to reach 37%.

GMAX4002 adopts 12bit and 10bit ADC design. In 10bit ADC output mode, the maximum frame rate of GMAX4002 can reach 229fps. At the same time, the chip adopts 8 pairs of sub-LVDS and 4 lane MIPI interface compatible design, and the maximum output data rate is 6.4Gbps and 4.8Gbps respectively, to match the USB3.0 and 5-GiGE mainstream interfaces in industrial cameras. GMAX4002 supports an on-chip 2 x 2 binning function, which can further increase the frame rate.

Changguang Chenxin said, "With the launch of GMAX4002, we have further expanded the GMAX product line to more cost-effective and mass-produced applications. GMAX4002 adopts a more compact package design and is compatible with MIPI output interface, making the chip has become a very friendly product for camera development in the GMAX series.”

The GMAX4002 is packaged in a 74-pin CLCC package with a package size of 16.6mm x 12.9mm and is available in Bayer color and black and white versions.

Engineering samples of the GMAX4002 are available for pre-order now, with shipments expected to begin in November 2022.

GMAX is a series of global shutter products launched by Changguang Chenxin for the field of industrial vision. This series of products has the advantage of high frame rate and aims to make full use of high-speed industrial camera interfaces to enable factory automation inspection, intelligent transportation, screen inspection, aviation Surveying and mapping and other application scenarios. The pixel platform of GMAX series products covers from 2.5 μm to 4.6 μm, and the resolution is from 2.4 MP to 152 MP; the four products developed under the 2.5um pixel platform adopt pin-compatible design, which is convenient for camera integration and development.

Founded in 2012, Changguang Chenxin is an international chip design company dedicated to providing high-end CMOS solutions for industrial, medical, scientific and professional imaging fields. The company is headquartered in Changchun, China, and has offices in Antwerp, Belgium and Tokyo, Japan. There are subsidiaries that provide advanced CMOS image sensor products and services to global partners.

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