Changjiang Electronics Technology's Shanghai R&D subsidiary increased its capital to 1 billion yuan

Jiangsu Changjiang Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. (“JC Technology”) announced the completion of the capital increase in its wholly-owned subsidiary, Changjiang Electronics Technology Management Co., Ltd. (“Management Company”). This capital increase increases the total registered capital of the management company to 1 billion yuan, which will further accelerate the R&D investment of Changjiang Electronics Technology in Shanghai Pudong Zhangjiang Science City and the construction of the Shanghai Innovation Center verification line, and promote the development and verification of high-end packaging and automotive chips.

In July 2020, Changjiang Electronics Technology established a wholly-owned subsidiary Changjiang Electronics Technology Management Co., Ltd. in Zhangjiang, Shanghai, and in April 2021, it established a "Design Service Center" and "Automotive Electronics Business Center" in Shanghai to cooperate with the industry chain. Partners provide full life cycle technical service support. In June this year, Changjiang Electronics Technology established the Shanghai Innovation Center to accelerate the establishment of an advanced packaging and testing technology research and development service platform, and support the implementation of diversified supply chain certification services and technological innovation mass production.

Changdian Technology is a global integrated circuit manufacturing and technical service provider, providing a full range of one-stop services for chip manufacturing, including integrated circuit system integration, design simulation, technology development, product certification, and in-wafer manufacturing. testing, wafer-level mid-pass packaging testing, system-in-package testing, chip finished product testing, and can provide drop shipping services to semiconductor customers around the world.

Through highly integrated wafer level (WLP), 2.5D/3D, system-level (SiP) packaging technology and high-performance flip-chip and lead interconnect packaging technology, Changdian Technology's products, services, and technologies cover mainstream integrated circuits System applications, including network communications, mobile terminals, high-performance computing, vehicle electronics, big data storage, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things, industrial intelligence and other fields. Changdian Technology has more than 23,000 employees around the world, six production bases and two R&D centers in China, South Korea, and Singapore, and business offices in more than 20 countries and regions. Provide industry chain support.

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