Chengrui Optics Czech WLG wafer-level aspheric glass mold manufacturing center put into operation

Chengrui Optics announced that the wafer-level WLG aspheric glass mold manufacturing center (referred to as the Czech Manufacturing Center) in the Czech Republic has been officially put into operation to further support the development of Chengrui Optics’ unique WLG technology worldwide.

The newly built Czech manufacturing center covers a total area of ​​9,700 square meters, equipped with high-level dust-free workshops, leading optical laboratories, and professional talents, mainly engaged in the production and manufacture of nano-scale ultra-precision optical molds.

Chengrui Optical has WLG technology, which has obvious advantages over other glass-forming technologies in terms of optical high precision and other performance. Compared with plastic lenses, glass lenses have better performance in terms of refractive index, dispersion, reliability, thermal stability...etc, and can effectively solve the problems and limitations faced by current plastic lenses.

Based on the advantages of WLG technology layout and mass production of glass lenses, the company's products have been applied to smart devices such as drones, vehicles, and AR/VR devices, and have begun to expand the layout of semiconductor production and testing and other industrial fields, as well as downstream applications such as medical equipment.

Smartphones: WLG glass-plastic hybrid lenses have been successfully installed in the world's first high-end model with a 1-inch outsole sensor, as well as various models in the Redmi K series and Xiaomi Civi series, and gradually cover mid-to-high-end Android phones and drones. machine market.

Smart vehicles: It can provide a series of products such as smart driving lenses and camera modules, smart cockpit lenses and camera modules, smart driving lidar optical components, etc., and the layout in the automotive field has been initially completed.

Chengrui Optical currently has more than 4,600 patents (including applications in progress), and more than 700 R&D personnel. The company has established R&D and manufacturing bases in Changzhou, Nanjing, Suzhou, Nanning, Chongqing, Shenzhen, Denmark, Czech Republic, Japan, and other regions, and established a global optical R&D and manufacturing layout.

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