Cherry Releases New Custom Axle MX Black Clear-Top Based on 1980s Nixie

Cherry officially announced that the CHERRY MX Black Clear-Top mechanical shaft is newly launched. The prototype of this shaft is the shaft known as "Nixie" in the community since the 1980s.

The "Nixie" is actually a derivative of the well-known CHERRY MX black shaft. Compared with the original version, which is specially equipped with a milky white upper cover, the trigger pressure is slightly increased from 60cN of the MX black shaft to 63.5cN.

According to CHERRY's official introduction, "Nixie" was a kind of axis specially customized for Nixdorf Computer Co., Ltd. at that time, but it was only produced for a few years, and the number was very rare. It was mainly carried in the Nixdorf CT06-CT07/2 M Softkeys keyboard for Connect minicomputers, servers, and terminals.

CHERRY has announced that it will respond to everyone with the MX Black Clear-Top. The new MX Black Clear-Top is optimized for the "Nixie" manufacturing process and materials, produced by CHERRY's factory in Auerbach, Germany, and the shaft body is available in both factory-run and non-run versions. It is expected to be available worldwide in early 2023. 

In order to better pay tribute to this legendary shaft, CHERRY has ensured that the MX Black Clear-Top is as close to the original as possible during the development and production process, not only retaining the familiar milky white upper cover, and black lower cover, black shaft, but also Integrating various manufacturing optimization methods accumulated since the 1980s, the shaft has been upgraded to a modern industry-leading manufacturing level.

As the original iconic structure of the MX shaft, the golden cross contact technology, two contacts with a thick gold coating are firmly combined with the conductive sheet through a precise process, and the specific shape of the contact ensures that it is smaller than The 1ms signal jitter delay brings ultra-fast response speed and reliable and precise triggering. Each MX Black Clear-Top shaft has a lifespan of over 50 million cycles without loss of input quality.

Parameters: The MX Black Clear-Top is a linear axis, that is, the feel of straight up and down. The trigger pressure can reach 63.5cN, the trigger stroke is 2mm, and the total stroke is 4mm.

Its spring also maintains a retro design and is made of gold-plated stainless steel, which is relatively more suitable for retro enthusiasts, frequent typists, gamers, and users who require high keyboard sound and smoothness.

The CHERRY MX Black Clear-Top is only available in a five-pin shaft version with PCB positioning feet, but at the same time, this shaft body is available in factory-finished and unfinished versions.

The official said that the lubricated version uses an automated production line and uses high-quality grease for lubrication, which can ensure smoother key travel and better shaft sound without affecting the input experience. It is an option for players who don't want to DIY. At the same time, Cherry also provides an unmoistened shaft version, which is convenient for enthusiasts to modify the shaft body by themselves.

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