China: Asus ROG player country upgrades the 16Pin module power supply cable for free for some power supply users

According to the official B station account information of ROG player country, users of the power supply of Raytheon 1, Thunderhawk 850W and above can now receive a 16Pin graphics card module cable for free, and users of Thunderhawk 750W power supply need to provide Proof of RTX 40 series graphics card can be collected.

Users need to scan the code to open the official ROG applet, sign up in the event " [Power Supply] Reward old users, Thunderhawk/Raytheon power supply to upgrade the 16Pin graphics card power supply module line for free ", and then fill in the relevant information to receive.

After successful registration, a review is required, and the review cycle is one natural week. Shipped within 14 days after approval. The registration period for the event is from 0:00 on July 11, 2022 to 0:00 on December 31, 2022.

Application conditions: 

  • Users who have purchased ASUS Thunderhawk 850W / 1000W, Thor 1st Generation 850w / 1200W, Thor 2nd Generation 1000W 
  • Users who have purchased Thunderhawk 750W need to provide an additional screenshot of the purchase order of the 40-series graphics card or a 40-series SN photo of the graphics card

The required materials for application are as follows, please fill in the text box for registration: 

  • Product model, product serial number (SN number)
  • Detailed receiving information (recipient, mobile phone number, detailed address) and upload the following pictures: 
  1. Order screenshot or invoice information, receipt certificate
  2. Product serial number sticker photo (either on the box or on the power supply body);

Fill in the example: Model: Raytheon 1st generation 1200W; SN: XXXXXXX; Receipt information: XXX, 139XXXX4567, XXXXX, XX District, Shanghai

NVIDIA RTX 40 series graphics cards use a new 16Pin 12VHPWR power interface. Many old power supplies do not have this power cable, so they need to be used through an adapter cable. ROG officially called the event "Preparing for 40 Series Graphics Cards".

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