China Construction Bank's 99 million yuan domestic operating system purchase order was awarded to Kylin Software

According to the official website of China Construction Bank’s Longjibuying platform on November 22, China Construction Bank’s 99 million yuan domestic operating system purchase order was won by Kirin Software, and Tongxin Software, which is also a candidate supplier lost.

The official website of Kylin Software under China Electronics Information Industry Group Co., Ltd. System technology is the core. As of now, the number of Kirin software ecological adaptation products has exceeded the 1 million mark. According to statistics from CCID Consulting, in 2021, the Kirin operating system will continue to rank first in China's Linux market share and has ranked first in China's Linux market share for 11 consecutive years.

Tongxin Software Technology Co., Ltd. (abbreviation: Tongxin Software) was jointly established by leading domestic operating system manufacturers in 2019. According to the official data released by Tongxin, the number of software and hardware adaptations of Tongxin's operating system has exceeded 600,000. According to the "2022 China Operating System Development Research Report" by EO Think Tank, in 2021, the sales of Unicom OS will account for nearly 70% of the new general market sales on the desktop side; the new market sales of Unicom OS on the server side will account for nearly 30%.

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