China: The first Metaverse Intelligent Computing Center in China started construction

The People’s Government of Qingtian County, Zhejiang Province signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Inspur Information and Govan Technology. The three parties will jointly build the first Metaverse Intelligent Computing Center in China. The performance will exceed 1 billion times, creating a Metaverse digital asset creation platform covering the whole process of Metaverse collaborative creation, high-precision simulation, real-time rendering, and intelligent interaction.

The Metaverse Intelligent Computing Center, as an important infrastructure for the integration of numbers and realities, provides the core source power for the construction and operation of the Metaverse through the leading computing infrastructure + full-stack Metaverse solution. Efficiently build a 3D virtual world from a virtual world to a combined virtual and real world, carrying highly realistic, large-scale, operable, and capable of rendering, relying on cloud computing, artificial intelligence, AR / VR, and object The collaboration of advanced technologies such as networking provides real-time synchronization and continuous and effective interactive experience for hundreds of millions of users.

Qingtian Metaverse Intelligent Computing Center adopts the world's leading intelligent computing architecture and deploys the Metaverse server MetaEngine to help users create digital assets more efficiently. Qingtian Metaverse Intelligent Computing Center will be built into the first new metaverse infrastructure in China that integrates computing power, algorithms, and development platforms. Multi-industry metaverse scenarios such as industry, transportation, finance, and cities provide efficient computing power support, and gradually open up multi-dimensional and multi-scenario digital-real fusion.

A single MetaEngine can be configured with 8 Nvidia L40 professional GPU cards, and the full link supports PCIe Gen5, and the overall performance is improved by nearly 2 times. And it fully supports the new NVIDIA CX7 network adapter, doubling the bandwidth. A single MetaEngine can double the number of AIGC digital scenes per second, support 4000 AIGC digital scenes per second, increase the real-time rendering speed in the digital twin scene by 50%, and improve the performance of digital human voice conversation training by 1.6 times. 32 MetaEngines can be combined into a cluster-type scalable unit, and multiple scalable units can be expanded horizontally to form a larger-scale cluster.

A single MetaEngine can support the collaborative creation of 256-bit universe architects, AIGC 2,000 digital scenes per second, and 1,000 VR/AR users sharing 10K resolution 3D digital world experience.

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