China Mobile's chip company will release NB communication chips

China Mobile's chip company China Mobile Xinsheng Technology announced yesterday that it will release two IoT communication chips at the 2022 China Mobile Global Partner Conference, of which the NB-IoT communication chip has a low sleep power consumption of 0.9µA.

According to reports, China Mobile has currently built the world's largest dedicated network for the Internet of Things, with 2G, 4G, 5G, and NB-IoT full-standard access capabilities. As of October 2022, the number of China Mobile IoT users will reach 1 billion.

China Mobile Xinsheng said that it has developed a variety of RISC-V core IoT chips. The two chips that are expected to be released this time are NB-IoT and LTE-Cat1 communication chips.

Among them, NB-loT communication chips can be applied to scenarios such as smart meters, smart security, smart agriculture, smart cities, smart door locks, and smart finance. The LTE-Cat1 communication chip is the industry's first 64-bit RISC-V core LTE communication chip, suitable for medium-speed communication, low cost, and mature existing network application scenarios.

China Mobile Xinsheng said that it plans to launch NB IoT and 4G Cat.1 products by the end of 2022, and start 5G Redcap pre-research work in 2023 to accelerate the establishment of NB IoT+Cat.1+Redcap cellular IoT solutions covering high, medium, and low rates.

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