China Resources Microelectronics D&S high-end mask project lays foundation

According to Wuxi Daily, the foundation stone laying ceremony of the China Resources Microelectronics Diss high-end mask project was recently held in Wuxi High-tech Zone.

China Resources Microelectronics is the national team of the integrated circuit industry, focusing on the fields of power semiconductors and smart sensors. Wuxi Dis Microelectronics Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of China Resources Microelectronics, has been focusing on the field of photomask manufacturing for a long time. It is an influential independent brand photomask company in China.

The foundation-breaking D&S high-end mask project, with an investment of about 1.3 billion yuan, will build a 40nm advanced photomask production line to help companies further improve mask manufacturing capabilities, achieve both production capacity and technical level, and will also fill the domestic high-end A gap in the field of mask foundry.

Masks are an important part of IC manufacturing and a key part of the production process of the downstream industry of chips. After the D&S high-end mask project is completed, Wuxi D&S Microelectronics will become one of the largest open mask factories in China.

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