China self-developed robot dog is publicly available for the first time

China's self-developed robot dog was released for the first time. The quadruped bionic robot independently developed by the No. 58 Institute of Ordnance Equipment Group was publicly displayed for the first time and participated in the China Air Show for the first time.

This type of soldier's exclusive unmanned equipment can become the soldier's assistant or partner and can perform approaching reconnaissance and surveillance, fire clearance, and coordinated strikes in complex environments such as underground pipes, caves, and jungles. , dangerous goods handling and resource transportation support, and other different combat missions. Netizens said that netizens looked cute, but they didn't expect it to be fierce.

According to the host, this quadruped bionic robot has optical and radar devices in front of it, which belong to the eyes. It is equipped with some of its loads on the top. Now it is equipped with a 7.62 mm machine gun. The airborne weapons can be changed according to the needs of the mission, and devices such as radar can also be loaded to complete the reconnaissance mission, which is very versatile. In actual combat, it plays the role of assistant and partner of the soldiers and can complete the tasks of clearing firepower, capturing key points, and coordinating strikes in complex battlefield environments such as buildings, jungles, and caves.

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