China Telecom Tianyi Cloud Computer W600DL-T is released

China Telecom recently released the Tianyi Cloud Computer W600DL-T. The official said that the device has the characteristics of being extremely portable, strong performance, safe, reliable, low-carbon, and environmental protection, and can meet the needs of corporate offices and home offices, mobile offices, online education, home entertainment, and other scenarios.

E-surfing cloud computer W600DL-T changes the form of traditional thin terminals and fits users' habits. The body adopts a silver matte shell, the thickness of the whole machine is only 13.9mm, and the net weight is 1.25kg. It comes with a 14-inch high-definition display screen, full-size keyboard, and high-definition camera, built-in Bluetooth/WiFi, supports 1920*1080 dual-screen display, and is equipped with HDMI, USB, Audio Jack, Type-C, and other interfaces.

Different from ordinary laptops, e-surfing cloud computer W600DL-T relies on the principle of flexible expansion of cloud resources and on-demand allocation, and can flexibly adjust CPU, GPU, memory, and disk specifications to easily meet R&D programming, video playback, 3D graphics rendering, online application requirements such as games. Combined with the e-surfing cloud's self-developed Clink desktop transmission protocol, low-code high-definition, and network adaptive technology, it provides users with a fast cloud experience.

E-surfing cloud computer W600DL-T adopts a zero-trust architecture and a working mode where data does not land. It has a built-in security-hardened Android operating system and cooperates with the e-surfing cloud computing platform to form full-process security from terminals, access, networks, systems, data, and applications. protection. E-surfing cloud computer W600DL-T supports one terminal for multiple purposes. When used as a public terminal of an enterprise, different employees can scan the code to log in to their personal office desktops, making office sharing a step further; as a public terminal for families, E-surfing cloud computer W600DL-T can not only meet the needs of different family members Online learning, games, entertainment, and other application requirements, while protecting personal privacy.

Tianyi cloud computer W600DL-T comes standard with 30W fast charging, the typical power is only 5 W, only 10% of ordinary laptops, and it has a battery life of over 5 hours, supplemented by automatic sleep technology, and it is on standby around the clock. At the same time, Tianyi cloud computer W600DL-T adopts an industrial-grade fanless design and silent operation, which not only avoids the problem of overheating of the ordinary laptop body, but also improves the durability of the device and prolongs the service life.

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