China Telecom Tianyi Quantum Encryption 2.0 upgrade

China Telecom Quantum has recently upgraded Tianyi Quantum Encryption 2.0 (abbreviation: Encryption 2.0), which expands the integration of graphic security, voice security, and video security on the basis of the original quantum encrypted call. , Burn after reading is equal to one high-security instant messaging function. Secret Talk 2.0 secure instant messaging system provides mobile office information security protection covering "device-edge-network-cloud" integration, as well as rapid deployment and implementation capabilities, product operation, and full-process support services to solve users' problems in mobile communication offices. Information security issues.

China Telecom Quantum said that the newly upgraded version 2.0 of secret call is to closely integrate quantum encryption technology and instant messaging technology to realize encryption protection for user calls, information, file transmission, and other scenarios:

  • Quantum-encrypted phone calls and encrypted video calls, one word and one encryption, no fear of monitoring and deciphering
  • Support the encryption of information types such as graphics, voice, video, and files to ensure the safe transmission of information
  • Support video calls, the information will be burned after reading, and screenshots are prohibited, effectively preventing information leakage
  • The open mobile workbench can efficiently interface with external applications and enrich application scenarios
According to China Telecom Quantum, users do not need to change their mobile phones to use the encrypted phone 2.0 products , they only need to go to the local designated telecom business hall to open the quantum encrypted phone service, replace the quantum security SIM card, and download and install Tianyi quantum encrypted phone through the mobile terminal. With the Phone 2.0 App, you can experience safer, more efficient, and richer information communication services.

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