China Tell Labs issued the first batch of localization of mobile terminal operating system certificates

According to the official information of the Taier Terminal Laboratory, recently, the China Teller Laboratory was jointly developed by the First Research Institute of the Ministry of Public Security and Beijing Xun'an Network System Co. Ltd. System (PMOS-H), and the Domestic Jinghong Mobile Operating System (PMOS-H TD Bridge Version) jointly developed by Chengdu TD Bridge Communication Technology Co., Ltd. and Beijing Xun'an Network System Co., Ltd. issued the first batch of mobile terminals Operating system localization evaluation certificate.

Thiel Terminal Laboratory stated that this certificate is the first batch of mobile operating system localization certificates in China, which has a strong industry representative and has promoted the development process of my country's mobile operating system and its ecological localization.

According to the official introduction, this evaluation is carried out in accordance with the "FG-Z14-019-01 Mobile Terminal Operating System Localization Inspection Program" (hereinafter referred to as the program) of the China Teller Labs program. Through the on-site inspection of the enterprise's comprehensive ability, personnel quality, management level, etc., a comprehensive evaluation of its localization research and development capabilities; through the multi-dimensional technical inspection of the product source code, an objective evaluation of its localization situation; through artificial The review provides a comprehensive evaluation of the localization of the product. The two mobile operating system products for the police field that participated in the evaluation all meet the localization requirements of the solution.

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