Chinese industrial operating system Intewell-Win released

Kedong Software Co., Ltd., jointly invested by Dongtu Technology and Science City (Guangzhou) Information Technology Group, released a real-time extended version of Windows, an industry-leading domestic operating system suitable for the field of industrial control Intewell -Win.

Intewell-Win enables real-time and non-real-time applications to run on the same hardware platform. It is a real-time extended domestic industrial operating system that can not only retain the Windows development environment but also deploy industrial real-time operating systems at the same time. According to reports, before this technology was mastered by foreign technology companies, high authorization fees and maintenance fees must be paid to use it. The birth of this product broke the monopoly of foreign countries.

Intewell-Win Technical Features 

Intewell-Win system architecture

  • Multi-service integration

Intewell-Win inherits the multi-fusion feature of Intewell, and Windows and Intewell RTOS are deployed in different kernels. Intewell-Win also supports one CPU core to run multiple Intewell RTOSs at the same time and ensures that multiple Intewell RTOSs can run at a deterministic time according to user requirements. In addition, it can also meet the preemptive processing of specific Intewell RTOSs when emergencies occur.

The PC-Base controller uses a combination of Windows+Intewell RTOS, which can combine non-real-time applications (HMI, machine vision, industrial AI, edge computing) and real-time applications (PLC control, motion control, robot control, CNC control) Deploy to hardware platform to reduce the number of hardware and save costs.

  • Multiple deployments
  1. Intewell-Win can respond to complex application requirements with a variety of deployment methods;
  2. When there are enough CPU cores, each CPU core can run 1 Intewell RTOS;
  3. All Intewell RTOSs can run on 1 CPU core when Windows needs to reserve more performance;
  4. When more computing power is needed, Intewell RTOS can also run in SMP mode, doubling the computing power.

  • Support security isolation between Windows and Intewell RTOS

Intewell-Win has a complete resource isolation technology to ensure that the Intewell RTOS side can run normally when Windows blue screen and other system failures occur, and can receive event notifications of Windows blue screen to implement related security policies.

  • Integrate multiple development tools

Provide Toolbox tools to visually control the operation of Intewell RTOS

Toolbox tools

Provide a graphical jitter test tool Intewell-Win System Latency to evaluate the real-time performance of the Intewell RTOS platform

Intewell-Win System Latency

Provide Intewell Developer integrated development environment, which integrates hardware resource allocation, parameter configuration, and program development in one tool to improve user experience.

Intewell Developer integrated development environment

  • Support a variety of ecological software

Intewell-Win supports the IEC61131-3 standard operating environment on the Intewell RTOS side, such as domestic MaVIEW software and Codesys software from 3S Company. At the same time, Intewell RTOS itself also supports Canopen, EtherCAT protocol stack, rich Intewell RTOS API interface (process, thread, socket, posix, win32 API), supports C ++ STL, eigen and other third-party standard libraries, which is convenient for application transplantation and development.

Main application scenarios

  • CNC numerical control system
In the field of CNC numerical control systems, high-end CNC numerical control systems all adopt a mixed deployment platform of Windows operating system and RTOS. With Intewell-Win, CNC control, PLC, and simple interpolation control can be run in two mutually isolated RTOS, and HMI can be developed on Windows, and shared memory can be used for high-speed communication between systems to improve performance and save costs.
  • Application scenarios where machine vision and motion control are highly combined
The development of machine vision has promoted the rise of unmanned chemical factories. In order to reduce costs and increase efficiency, the original separation of vision and control has been transformed into All-in-One, which not only improves the efficiency and quality of data transmission but also reduces hardware costs. cost. Using the Intewell-Win real-time and non-real-time communication mechanism, the visual processing results on the Windows side are sent to the motion control program on the Intewell RTOS side to realize the perfect fusion of machine vision + motion control.

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