Collectibles Company Mondo Brings Exclusive Vinyl Soundtrack to Apple TV+ Original Series

Collectibles company Mondo announced today that it has brought an exclusive vinyl soundtrack to the first season of the Apple TV+ original drama "Severance". There are two versions of the black collagen soundtrack launched this time, with different packaging and different product content. Both versions will be released this Wednesday.

The first edition is called the "Innie Edition" and sells for $60. This includes Theodore Shapiro's first season soundtrack, as well as episode merchandise created by Greg Ruth. The edition is limited to 5,000 sets worldwide, and each set will be numbered on black plastic and stored in a folder that looks like something the show's Innies would carry.

The "Innie Edition" comes with a music and dance experience card, a record safety card, Eagan bingo sheet, four character cards, a hidden map of the cut floor and a Lumon disco bag.

A second version, called the "Outie Edition," sells for $35. This version only has Theodore Shapiro's season 1 soundtrack, plus episode merchandise written by Greg Ruth. The record is packaged in a printed cowhide inner sleeve.

The two versions of the first season of the Apple TV+ original drama "Severance" will be released in the United States at 12:00 pm on Wednesday.

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