Chinese manufacturer Smartway launched a 0.7μm 52MP CMOS image sensor

CMOS image sensor supplier SmartSens launched its new 0.7μm pixel size 52MP ultra-high resolution image sensor product SC520XS.

As Smartway's first 0.7μm ultra-small pixel size chip, SC520XS adopts the advanced stacked back-illuminated technology (Stacked BSI) , equipped with SFCPixel-SL technology created by Smartway in the field of small pixel size chips, And with the advantages of ultra-low noise peripheral reading circuit and cinema-level color visual effects, it can further improve the details of highlights and shadows in the image, and bring high-quality images to the main camera, front camera, ultra-wide-angle and telephoto cameras of high-end smartphones. Night vision full-color image.

At the same time, SC520XS is also the first 0.7μm chip with AllPix ADAF technology on the industry's 50-megapixel track, which can achieve 100% full-pixel focusing even in fast-moving scenes. In addition, the new product also has an upgraded ultra-low power consumption design, which can provide strong battery life for smartphone camera AI recognition applications.

SC520XS is Smartway’s first image sensor equipped with the new self-developed SFCPixel-SL technology, which is developed based on Smartway’s innovative SFCPixel patented technology architecture. Compared with products of the same specification in the industry, the quantum efficiency of SC520XS is effectively increased by 13%, and the sensitivity Significantly increased to 2 times, the full-well electronics effectively increased by 20%, the maximum signal-to-noise ratio can reach 42dB, and the read noise is greatly reduced by 64%, which balances the full-well and noise performance of the product well while taking into account the excellent night vision Full-color imaging performance and richer details and layering during the day. In addition, the dynamic range of SC520XS has been significantly improved by 10.5dB thanks to the pixel's built-in dual gain conversion adjustment function brought by SFCPixel-SL technology.

SC520XS is also equipped with advanced technologies such as Smartway’s ultra-low noise peripheral reading circuit and cinema-level color visual effects, which can present excellent night shooting images with full colors and fine quality, which can bring movie-level night images to mobile phone camera systems. Take image texture.

SC520XS is the first 0.7μm chip with a 100% full-pixel focusing function on the industry’s 50-megapixel track. % Full-pixel focusing, fast and accurate focusing even in dynamic and dark scenes.

At the same time, SC520XS can also select the Sparse PD mode according to different application scenarios, realize partial focus function, and output clear images with a higher frame rate, thereby further reducing the power consumption of the CIS chip of the mobile phone. In addition, SC520XS also supports two data flow modes of output phase value (TYPE 1) and PD raw data (TYPE 2), providing customers with more options.

SC520XS can output 52MP resolution images, and can also realize 4-in-1 Binning through QCell technology to output 13MP resolution images with a high frame rate.

SC520XS has also made an upgraded ultra-low power consumption design at the chip architecture level. When the identification requirement appears, it first uses ALS (photoelectric mode) to identify environmental changes and then triggers ULP (ultra-low power consumption mode) to start, which can greatly reduce the power consumption of the sensor. According to official tests, the power consumption of SC520XS in ALS photoelectric mode can be as low as 1.4mW, and the power consumption in ULP ultra-low power mode can be as low as 3.5mW. At the same time, the camera back-end algorithm, can empower the smartphone camera system to perform gestures and Complex AI recognition functions such as recognition, facial recognition, and environment recognition.

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