EIZO Introduces ColorEdge CG Series 4K Monitors Supporting HDR Workflows

EIZO China today announced the launch of a new generation of ColorEdge series 4K monitors - 27-inch CG2700X (3840 x 2160). Officially, the flagship model supports HDR workflow and is a ColorEdge monitor with a new body design and an Ethernet connection via USB Type-C.

This professional monitor supports the DCI 4K crop function, allowing users to display DCI 4K (4096 x 2160) signals and crop content outside the panel's native 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) resolution range. The user can choose from three options to determine which part of the image is cropped.

The ColorEdge CG2700X provides the nearest neighbor sampling method as an option for image scaling and resampling. When zoomed in, this feature copies and aligns pixels to the nearest neighbor, maintaining color fidelity. When the feature is off, the monitor will use an interpolation method to balance the grayscale of surrounding pixels for smooth tones. Editors can easily select the interpolation method best suited to their project through the monitor's OSD menu to ensure content looks as expected when upscaled to 4K. Use the 4K zoom function to magnify the screen area to confirm small details and check the focus accuracy of the image. Use the monitor's front buttons for quick and easy access.

HDR: The CG2700X supports HLG (Hybrid Log Gamma) and PQ (Perceptual Quantization) curves for displaying and editing HDR (High Dynamic Range) content. Compared with SDR (Standard Dynamic Range), the optimized gamma curve makes the image look more realistic and more in line with the human eye's perception of the real world. This ensures that professional creators can rely on HDR-displayed content for editing and color grading.

Color gamut: This monitor uses 98% of the DCI-P3 standard and supports the BT.2020 standard used in broadcasting. It also covers 99% of the Adobe RGB color space used in photography and other creative fields.

The ColorEdge CG2700X will be released in China in November 2022, and the price has not yet been announced.

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