Epson announced that it will no longer sell laser printers in 2026

Seiko Epson announced that it will stop selling office laser printers in 2026. The company will focus on inkjet products with low power consumption that it is good at.

The 12 models currently sold by Epson will continue to sell toner and other consumables and maintenance parts in the short term and will continue to provide users with after-sales support.

According to the company's research, a major Japanese medical company replaced 535 laser printers with 489 inkjet printers, resulting in an 85% reduction in power consumption and an 85% reduction in CO2 emissions.

According to a survey, CO2 emissions can be reduced by more than 47% simply by replacing laser printers used in offices with Epson inkjet printers. Our goal is to reduce CO2 emissions by 46% compared to fiscal 2013. Will Replacing laser printers with inkjet printers would be an effective way to achieve this.

Epson also launched an office paper machine PaperLab concept model the day before yesterday, which can convert various materials into fibers without using water, and turn waste paper into new paper, aiming at We are further reducing the environmental load through recovering natural materials and recycling paper.

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