FiiO releases FW5 full-link HiFi wireless earphones

FiiO released the full-link HiFi TWS FW5 tonight with a starting price of 999 yuan. The FW5 is the first in the field of TWS headphones, integrating a Bluetooth chip, an independent DAC chip, and a professional acoustic architecture.

The FW5 has a built-in AKM low-power VELVET SOUND DAC chip, an AK4332, which has high-performance decoding capabilities and a signal-to-noise ratio of up to 106dB. The distortion rate is as low as -96dB, and the dynamic range can reach 102dB.

FW5 uses Qualcomm's high-end platform Bluetooth chip QCC5141, thanks to the dual DSP and dual-core CPU architecture, to ensure the dual stability of Bluetooth audio and system operation, and has obtained the Snapdragon Sound certification.

Acoustics: The FW5 adopts a one-circle two-iron acoustic structure. In the narrow space of the active true wireless Bluetooth headset, a 10mm large-sized medium and low frequency moving coil unit is placed, and the high-frequency part uses a Lou's moving iron unit.

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