General manager of MediaTek: Dimensity 9000 flagship has reached 30% share

MediaTek recently released the Dimensity 9200 flagship mobile phone 5G chip. Chen Guanzhou, general manager of MediaTek, and Xu Jingquan, deputy general manager of MediaTek and general manager of the wireless communication division, said in an interview with the media that the second quarter and the first In the third quarter, Dimensity 9000’s share in the flagship market in mainland China has reached 30%, and it is hoped that Dimensity 9200 can break through to a higher share.

Will not give up low power consumption in pursuit of high performance

Dimensity 9000 is a turning point for MediaTek in the flagship market, allowing it to occupy a place in the flagship mobile phone market.

The Dimensity 9200 released this time inherits the "product gene" of the previous generation of high performance, high energy efficiency, and low power consumption, and has been upgraded in many aspects such as games, video, 5G communication, and Wi-Fi 7.

Talking about the challenges in the flagship market, Xu Jingquan, Deputy General Manager of MediaTek and General Manager of the Wireless Communication Division, admitted that product definition and market acceptance are the two most important factors. 

Product definition: MediaTek has never entered the flagship field before, so there is no customer who can guide the direction. Whether the designed product is what the customer needs the most is the initial big problem; and after the product is made, the difficulty is Whether customers will use our products on their terminal equipment and define it to the flagship level.

Everyone's impression of MediaTek is that it started as a mid-to-low-end product. Why use MediaTek products. It takes time to resolve and overcome. So we expected from the beginning that this is not something that can be achieved with one product or two products. This is a process that must go through a lot of market experience, and work together with many of our customers and partners to climb up step by step.

After the foreshadowing of the Dimensity 9000, Chen Guanzhou, general manager of MediaTek, believes that the competition pattern faced by the Dimensity 9200 is different from the past. It must be better than the first generation now. He said that the foundation of customers' trust in MediaTek is based on the Dimensity 9000 It's completely different. For example, the time to develop a flagship phone and the time to develop a mid-range phone will be very different, and it must be clear at what stage and how to cooperate with customers. Through the R&D and commercial use of Dimensity 9000, MediaTek has accumulated a lot of experience to gradually make customers trust MediaTek's working methods and technical capabilities.

Regarding product definition, Chen Guanzhou also shared his views on building flagship chips.

He believes that the flagship chip is not actually selling chips, but selling technology - the technology inside the chip. The platforms and applications of mobile phones require the widest and deepest technical fields; even more challenging is that flagship chips cannot have shortcomings. A variety of technologies are integrated into the chip, and as long as one technology is a short board, it cannot be called a flagship chip. We can't have shortcomings, and we require considerable improvements and advancements every year for every technology.

However, he also emphasized that while promoting the upgrade of many technologies and applications, MediaTek will definitely insist on low power consumption. Reducing power consumption in important daily use scenarios is the low-line for MediaTek to plan all technologies, processes, and applications, and will not give up low power consumption in pursuit of high performance.

Xu Jingquan also emphasized the importance of low power consumption to the flagship market. For example, in order to achieve the high-performance performance required by flagship chips, the usual way to achieve this is to stack cores and stack hardware, but in the end, the overall performance cannot be achieved, because it is too hot and too hot, chip designers may do 100 points of hardware. , in the end, it can only play a level of 30-40 points, and the overall performance may not even be as good as lower-end products.

Hope the market will rebound in the second half of next year

At the Dimensity 9200 conference, Chen Guanzhou revealed that the market share of the Dimensity 9000 reached 30% in the second and third quarters of the flagship in mainland China.

Talking about the goal of Dimensity 9200, Xu Jingquan said that he hopes to do better and break through a higher market share. At the same time, in addition to the mainland market, MediaTek also hopes to continue to expand overseas markets. We have also noticed that some customers have also promoted our products to high-end overseas markets, and we will continue to work closely with them to continue to expand our flagship share in overseas markets.

But to expand market share, it is inevitable to face competition with friends.

He mentioned that MediaTek’s flagship chip of this generation was released before its competitors, so it is impossible to predict the next-generation product information of its competitors. However, the common problem that MediaTek and its partners have encountered is how to make the Android camp bigger and better together, improve the experience of Android phone users, and defeat other camps. This is MediaTek’s greater goal.

Industry insiders believe that the launch of the MediaTek Dimensity 9000 chip is a key turning point in the mobile phone chip track in recent years. MediaTek has finally successfully entered the high-end flagship mobile chip market.

At a time when the smartphone market is facing unprecedented challenges, MediaTek chooses to use hard-core technological innovation to achieve breakthroughs. According to industry insiders, MediaTek currently does not have a single chasing parameter or running score but focuses on the improvement of the full-scene experience which may bring the experience of quantitative change to qualitative change to the product.

In the process of promoting the development of 5G, deeply participating in the formulation of standards, and promoting the popularization of the market, MediaTek also played a relatively important role. And wireless communication technology is also MediaTek's housekeeping skill. In MediaTek's view, 5G wireless communication, Wi-Fi/Bluetooth wireless short-range communication, and satellite positioning are the three major technical directions for their core efforts in the field of communication.

Especially in terms of 5G, the Dimensity 9200 integrated 5G modem incorporates AI technology, focusing on optimizing the communication experience in high-speed rail, basement, subway, airport and other scenarios. The most notable features are summed up as three fast: fast to find the network, fast to return to the network, and fast network speed. And these three fast are the key points in the daily use of 5G scenarios by users. MediaTek is strengthening the core value of "user experience" through the two starting points of product gene and cutting-edge technology.

5G is the general trend, and technology is the last word

Today, the smartphone industry is facing unprecedented challenges.

In Chen Guanzhou's view, first of all, mobile phones are a necessity for people's livelihood. The global shipments in 2021 will be 1.3 billion units, and this year it is expected to exceed 1.2 billion units. There will be some challenges next year, but it should not be less than 1.1 billion. This figure is not very accurate at present. He said that mobile phones are a basic demand. As long as the general environment is relatively stable, the mobile phone market will rebound.

Secondly, the mobile phone industry is facing the kinetic energy of 4G to 5G. From a global perspective, 5G may not be able to completely replace 4G in a short period of time, but it will definitely replace 4G gradually. This is an unchanging general trend. He is cautiously optimistic about the market, and believes that the market environment next year will still be challenging, but believes that inventory adjustment will reach a new stage. I hope that from the second half of next year, the market demand side can be relatively stable, and there may even be some rebound.

It is believed that mobile phone chip players represented by MediaTek may be able to break through the bottleneck of the existing mobile phone experience through various technological innovations.

In any case, smartphone and mobile chip manufacturers are going through a big test, and speaking with technology and innovation is the last word.

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