Global tablet shipments will reach 38.4 million units in the third quarter of 2022

 A market research organization, global tablet PC shipments in the third quarter of 2022 will reach 38.4 million units, a quarter-on-quarter increase of more than 20%, which is slightly better than the original expectation. Driven by higher orders from Apple Inc.

In the third quarter, the world's top five tablet PC brands were Apple, Samsung, Amazon, Lenovo, and Huawei, which together contributed about 80% of global shipments. The new generation of iPad will push Apple's shipments in the fourth quarter to further increase, up 7% quarter-on-quarter. Apple's market share in the quarter increased to 38.2%, and Samsung's market share was about 22%. About 60% of sales.

Size: The combined shipment share of 10.x-inch and larger tablets rose from 80.6% in Q2 to 84.4% in Q3. The 10.x-inch segment alone accounted for 57.7% of all tablet sales during the quarter.

The shipment share of 10.x-inch and above tablets is expected to rise to 90% in the near future as most of the newly released tablets and models still in development feature 10.95-inch or 11.x-inch displays % or more, promoting large-size displays to become the mainstream specification of future tablet computers.

Thanks to the increase in iPad shipments, the shipments of ODM manufacturers in Taiwan will account for 38.9% of the global shipments in the third quarter, and will further increase in the fourth quarter.

Despite positive factors such as the release of the new iPad 10 and iPad Pro and promotional activities of brand manufacturers, due to the shrinking end demand caused by inflation, the rise of interest rates in mature markets, and the weakening of the global economy, DIGITIMES expects global sales in the fourth quarter. Tablet shipments will drop 9% sequentially.

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