Glory responds to BOE and other shareholdings

Recently, Glory Terminal Co. Ltd. has undergone industrial and commercial changes, adding BOE and other shareholders. Regarding the news that BOE and others have invested in Honor, Honor responded to the Securities Times tonight saying, Honor’s current revenue, profit, and operating cash flow are growing steadily. A diversified shareholding structure has always been the development principle that Honor adheres to. Based on the principle of synergy, we are committed to uniting industry chain partners to bring product innovation and experience leaps to users and better serve global consumers.

At this time, it is just two years since Honor left Huawei. 

BOE has cooperated with Honor many times before, providing flexible screens for Honor Magic3, Honor 60, Honor Magic4, Honor Magic V, and other products. We can look forward to whether Honor will be the first to get BOE's new screen product.

Honor will hold the Magic Vs series new product launch conference on November 23, launching the Honor Magic Vs folding screen mobile phone and the Honor 80 series mobile phone.

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