Google Privacy Sandbox coming to Android 13 devices in early 2023

Google announced on its official blog that it will deploy the Privacy Sandbox system to a selected number of Android 13 devices from early 2023. The privacy sandbox is a set of technologies developed by Google to create a web standard for websites to access user information without compromising user privacy.

The privacy sandbox is different from traditional third-party cookies. Advertisers will not obtain local data of users, but directly obtain a wider group of people :

  • Advertisers can learn that there are thousands of users with similar interests (like concertgoers) and choose which ads to serve to that group rather than individuals
  • Advertisers can research the effectiveness of their ads in a way that does not track users across sites

Google said that starting early next year, it plans to launch a beta version of the privacy sandbox on Android 13 mobile devices so that developers can take the next steps to test these new solutions. The technology will start with a small set of devices and increase over time.

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