Great Wall Motor Weishi Energy launched the 70MPa pressure

Recently, the "Yanzhu" series of 70MPa pressure-reducing valve products independently developed by Weishi Energy, a subsidiary of Great Wall, announced the price to the world, breaking through the 10,000 yuan mark, and the cost dropped by 40%. Promote the pressure-reducing valve for hydrogen into the "thousand yuan era", which reduces the cost of hydrogen energy storage and transportation.

According to Great Wall Motors, the "Yanzhu" series - 70MPa pressure-reducing valve is the first in China to be equipped with multiple models of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. , Internationally certified 70MPa pressure-reducing valve self-developed products.

The pressure-reducing valve is a key component of the onboard hydrogen storage system and plays a vital role in the safe application of hydrogen fuel vehicles. At present, the 70Mpa pressure-reducing valves on the market are mainly imported, and there are still highly technical and cost barriers, which affect the production cost and large-scale application of onboard hydrogen storage systems and even hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

Based on the requirements of vehicle-level development and hydrogen safety application, the 70MPa pressure-reducing valve product of Great Wall Motor Weishi Energy has achieved a total weight of less than 650g and a total number of 33 parts through the design of a miniaturized structure, integrated modules, and lightweight materials. Compared with the mainstream products in the current market, it is reduced by more than 15%, the cycle life exceeds 50,000 times, and the key materials and core components are 100% localized. It breaks through a number of technical indicators in terms of high durability and high safety, and its performance is not inferior to foreign countries. peers, with a certain degree of international competitiveness.

According to reports, Great Wall Motors Weishi Energy has established a development model of the entire industrial chain integrating "manufacturing-storage-transportation-addition-application". In addition to tackling key fuel cell systems to reduce costs and increase efficiency, it is deeply exploring related technologies in the field of hydrogen energy storage and transportation, investing hundreds of millions of dollars in research and development, and establishing a complete design, manufacturing, and testing system, and is committed to providing higher cost performance for the entire industry. solutions for hydrogen storage systems.

At present, Weishi Energy can provide hydrogen storage systems, core component development, and promotion application services in the field of gas hydrogen. The platform series products have been successfully applied to passenger cars, heavy-duty logistics vehicles, port trailers, and other models, and gradually expand to fields such as drones and hydrogen fuel cell ships. In the field of liquid hydrogen, breakthroughs have been made in succession in many key technical problems such as ultra-low temperature self-adaptive internal leakage sealing technology in the liquid hydrogen temperature zone, low-power electromagnetic drive technology, etc., and a series of automotive liquid hydrogen overcurrent valves and electromagnetic liquid hydrogen stop valves have been developed. Valve parts are expected to be officially introduced to the market in 2023.

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