Gree Electric was awarded the qualification of International Certification Enterprise Laboratory

According to Gree Electric’s official news, on November 24, 2022, the China Quality Certification Center’s world’s first International Certification Enterprise Laboratory assessment certificate awarding ceremony was held in Zhuhai Gree Electric Co. Ltd. China. Liu Jiang, deputy director of the Quality Certification Center, issued an assessment certificate numbered 001 to Gree Electric.

The China Quality Certification Center is a quality service organization approved by the Chinese government, and the approval number of the certification body is No. 001. It is currently the largest in China and has the most complete certification categories. It has been recognized by many governments and international authoritative organizations. The voice of China, a national certification agency that provides Chinese solutions and enhances international mutual trust.

The recognition by the China Quality Certification Center means that the Gree Electric Enterprise Laboratory has the same effectiveness as an international authoritative third-party testing agency, and can independently complete product testing and issue test reports. The test report issued by Gree Electric Appliances can directly apply to the China Quality Certification Center for an international certification within the scope of approval.

In 2015, Gree Electric Appliances State Key Laboratory of Air-conditioning Equipment and System Operation and Energy Conservation was successfully approved, becoming the only refrigeration and air-conditioning company approved as a State Key Laboratory in this field.

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