Gree Fog-Free Humidifier released

Gree recently launched a mist-free humidifier, which has two versions of 501mL/h and 800mL/h, and the price starts at 829 yuan.

Gree fog-free humidifier adopts the principle of natural evaporation humidification, hanging wet curtain air-drying design, equipped with a high-efficiency circulating spray system, and sends out water-free and white-powder-free wind through the centrifugal air duct. The capacity of the water tank is 5L.

The Gree fog-free humidifier supports automatic air-drying after shutdown, multiple antibacterial guarantees, and six-level humidification adjustment in normal mode, sleep mode (33dB), intelligent constant humidity mode, 12h timing appointment, double-sided filter filtering, and complete machine disassembly Easy to wash, real-time humidity display, WiFi control..etc.

Gree Fog-Free Humidifier is now on sale, the 501mL/h version is designed in white, and priced at 829 yuan; the 800mL/h version is designed in blue, priced at 969 yuan.

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