Handreading warms up the new iReader Super Smart ink tablet

Zhangyue has announced that it will release a new Super Smart Smart Book on November 30. Today, the official released the latest warm-up information, showing part of the appearance of this product. As shown in the picture above, this ink tablet has a white body and a narrow frame design.

According to the official pre-heating news, this super-smart smart handwriting notebook will focus on handwriting, with 300 PPI.

In April this year, Zhangyue released the iReader Smart3 electronic paper book, starting at 2299 yuan (including stylus). Smart3 is equipped with a 10.3-inch electronic ink screen, 227PPI, 16-level grayscale algorithm to simulate 256 grayscale levels. The new product is expected to be positioned higher than the Smart 3, equipped with a 10.3-inch 300 PPI ink screen, and supports more handwriting functions.

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