Honor 80 Pro main camera samples first exposure

On November 14, Honor Mobile officially announced the news of the new Honor 80 series. The appearance of the Honor 80 series mobile phones was also officially announced. There are still a few days before the press conference. The main camera sample of the Honor 80 Pro from a special channel. The resolution of this photo has reached 14592 × 10944, and the capacity has reached an astonishing 61.6MB.

With the amazing resolution of the 160-megapixel main camera, it can be seen from the picture that the details of the proofs are very rich, and the name of the building is still very clear after zooming in. Its performance is no less than that of an independent high-quality telephoto lens.

Just today, Honor officially announced that the new Honor 80 series will be equipped with a 160-megapixel ultra-clear main camera, known as "every pixel is not vegetarian". Digital blogger @数码问话站 previously revealed that the first 160-megapixel lens of the Honor 80 series may be re-customized based on a 200-megapixel sensor because the main camera sensor of the previous engineering machine was 200 million-pixel.

With the addition of this 160 million ultra-high-pixel main camera, the image power of the Honor 80 series will be improved again. As for the surprises in the image, the suspense will be revealed at the press conference.

The Honor 80 series will launch in three versions, including the Honor 80 SE, Honor 80, and Honor 80 Pro. According to reports, the Honor 80 Pro version of the Super Cup will be equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen1 flagship platform, and the Honor 80 Standard Edition will debut with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 782G processor.

The Honor 80 series, the MagicOS system, and the Magic Vs series of folding phones will also be officially launched at the Honor MagicOS and flagship new product launch conference.

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