Honor MagicOS 7.0 is officially released

At the Honor MagicOS release and developer conference this afternoon, Honor's latest generation of full-scenario operating system MagicOS 7.0 was officially released. Honor MagicOS fully upgrades the software system architecture to create an integrated ecological experience with seamless cross-device collaboration and cross-application seamless flow. System core services.

MagicRing ring of trust

Honor MagicOS 7.0 pioneered the MagicRing trust ring technology platform, combined with the platform-level AI capabilities of the Honor Magic Live smart engine, to further open up the boundary between people and the environment, allowing services to flow intelligently between devices according to people's needs.

The Honor MagicRing trust ring is the first to integrate location-aware technology, which supports keyboard and mouse sharing, automatic orientation recognition, cross-device office, and notification/call cross-screen flow (supports intelligent identification of the owner).

Honor has customized a personal knowledge center for office workers and students Honor Notes. Based on the MagicRing trust ring, it can complete the instant synchronization and collaboration of data on mobile phones, tablets, and PCs, and supports the offline collection of information, video excerpts, and PDF documents. Editing, audio recording, and synchronous recording of notes, card collection, and other functions.

Honor also announced the open trust ring MagicRing Kits to support more devices to join.

Magic Live Smart Engine

The Magic Live smart engine ushered in three major upgrades. MagicOS 7.0 can realize multi-scenario, multi-dimensional, multi-intent scene perception and intent understanding through multi-intent combination recommendation, multi-scenario geo-fence generalization, and multi-dimensional fast learning.

Magic Live also supports one-click recognition of text in pictures, and provides one-step direct related services, eliminating the cumbersome copying in the middle; scanned documents support direct conversion to PDF, and the whole process is stored locally.

The YOYO recommendation of Honor MagicOS has also been improved to support multi-intent combination recommendations, such as local health codes and bus codes...etc. that can be recommended for business trips to different places.

Honor has also opened up the  Magic Live Kits development kit for the Magic Live smart engine, and the application can launch personalized service functions based on the kit.

Turbo X system engine

Honor MagicOS integrates the capabilities of Honor OS Turbo X, GPU Turbo X, LINK Turbo X, and an intelligent scheduling engine, and uses system-level tuning and platform-level refactoring to create a scene-based smooth experience.

The new generation of OS Turbo X can improve the startup speed of applications through AI preloading technology, and provide an accurate supply of resources for applications through the learning of scene perception and user understanding. the scene, making each operation smoother and more power-saving.

GPU Turbo X's AI graphics rendering engine based on scene recognition and intelligent scheduling based on scene load can achieve a game experience with a higher frame rate and lower power consumption.

LINK Turbo X achieves new breakthroughs on MagicOS 7.0. By sensing application features, access network features, environment features, and user habit learning, it predicts and identifies network freezes in advance, bringing users a high-quality communication solution experience.

The Turbo X system engine also launched  Turbo X Kits, including four major solutions for games, network acceleration, intelligent scheduling, and fault diagnosis.

MagicGuard Glory Security

Honor MagicOS is equipped with the MagicGuard Honor security protection system, from the lowest level of Honor's self-developed secure storage chip to the self-developed dual TEE OS trusted system, to providing trusted certification for MagicRing, providing privacy computing for Magic Live, and protecting system data and third parties. Software applications provide lifecycle security guards.

Honor said that the powerful security protection system can intelligently detect risky applications in mobile phones and provide one-click detection and optimization capabilities; with the help of Honor MagicOS anti-harassment radar and anti-fraud firewall, it can accurately identify various fraud methods and set up anti-fraud guards. People can be effectively identified and intercepted; combined with the continuous learning and updating of the cloud anti-fraud database, it provides users with more accurate anti-fraud protection.

Honor also announced that it will install the bank U-shield into the mobile phone, supporting a single transfer of up to 5 million yuan for individuals.

The capabilities of the MagicGuard Honor security protection system will also be open to third-party partners, and  MagicGuard Kits will be launched, and Alipay has already connected.


Honor MagicOS 7.0 takes " Flow " as the design core, and with the blessing of its motion engine, it upgrades the Bezier curve to an elastic curve, making the visual focus more convenient; combined with OS Turbo X to achieve precise resource supply, so that every interaction responds Fluid and natural.

Honor launched the  HONOR Sans font, which claims to be the industry's first font that supports double infinite variable weight and middle palace. It integrates the Honor font with the UI and optimizes the spacing to make the typesetting more orderly and the layers clearer. HONOR Sans will be available on the developer's website soon and will be available for free download to the public.

Honor MagicOS 7.0 also supports the setting of family protection and anti-fraud reminders to provide users with intimate security protection; at the same time, it can remotely open family positioning and pay attention to family health at any time.

Honor's full-scenario strategy covers five major scenarios: mobile office, sports and health, smart home, smart travel, and audio-visual entertainment. Honor MagicOS relies on MaigcRing trust ring, Maigc Live smart engine, Turbo X system engine, and MagicGuard Honor security four root technologies.

MagicOS 7.0 will start to upgrade the old models starting in December. The first batch of public betas will start in December this year, including Honor Magic V, Magic3 Ultimate Edition, Magic3 Pro, Magic3, and V40.

In order to better motivate global developers, Honor will launch the " Honor Voyage Plan ". At present, it has established comprehensive underlying capabilities such as PUSH and payment and built three distribution platforms for application distribution, service distribution, and content distribution.

Previously Honor CEO Zhao Ming said in an interview that Honor MagicOS will consider compatibility and adaptation work for Hongmeng and iOS in response to consumer demand in the future. Honor will no longer create a completely chimney-like operating system similar to Android and Hongmeng, but choose to open up different operating systems.

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