Huawei has implemented 5G remote coal mining to ensure safe production in coal mines

Huawei's rotating chairman Hu Houkun said at the Huawei Full Connect Conference 2022 on November 7 that Huawei has achieved 5G remote coal mining. He said that the use of 5G to achieve remote control in coal mines can allow workers to walk from the harsh working environment underground to the well, improving the level of safe production in coal mines. In October last year, Huawei formed a coal mine army with the theme of no retreat is the road to victory. Ren Zhengfei said that it would allow coal workers to work in suits and ties.

Huawei has established military organizations for various industries such as coal mines, ports, and electric power, and has joined hands with more than 1,800 solution partners for in-depth joint innovation in scenarios to create products and solutions for customers. For example, in order to realize the interconnection of underground equipment in coal mines, Huawei and the National Energy Group have joined forces with more than 30 partners to develop the first IoT operating system in the mining field, the Hongmeng-based Minehong operating system.

Recently, the patent for "communication method and communication device" applied by Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. has been authorized. The abstract shows that the present application provides a communication method and a communication device. The communication method and communication device provided in this application can be used in any of the following scenarios: relay, wireless mesh network, integrated access and backhaul, vehicle-to-everything, UE collaboration, high-frequency transmission, industrial scenarios, robot collaboration, and things networking. 

In the communication method of the present application: the first device receives the first information, the first information includes control information and data information, and the control information carries the first path identification information; the first device determines according to the control information when the first preset condition is satisfied, sending the control information and the data information, and the first preset condition includes: the path identification information stored by the first device includes the first path identification information. The present application provides a communication method and a communication device, which can reduce the time delay of equipment forwarding information and facilitate the expansion of network coverage.

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