Huawei Hu Houkun: The number of 5G base stations in China exceeds 2 million

Huawei Connect Conference 2022 was held in Shenzhen today. Hu Houkun, Rotating Chairman of Huawei, said in a keynote speech that from the perspective of digital infrastructure, China already has the best global coverage and the highest network quality. 5G and optical fiber network, the number of 5G base stations exceed 2 million, the number of terminal connections in the 5G industry exceeds 500,000, and the optical fiber coverage rate reaches 99%. All regions have invested heavily in data centers and supercomputing centers. The total computing power in the country exceeds 150EFlops, ranking second in the world.

For enterprises, digitization has become a must-answer question. Hu Houkun introduced at the meeting that Huawei has brought 5G and other technologies from the ground to the underground, and 5G general equipment has been specially adapted to meet the explosion-proof requirements of underground operations. In the coal mine scene, Huawei uses 5G to realize remote control, allowing coal miners to walk from the harsh working environment underground to the well, and realize remote coal mining operations in the office, greatly improving the working environment and improving the safety production level of the entire coal mine.

As of the end of September, the total number of mobile communication base stations in China reached 10.72 million, of which the total number of 5G base stations reached 2.22 million, accounting for 20.7% of the total number of mobile base stations; of which 510 million 5G mobile phone users accounted for 30.3% of phone users.

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