Huawei MateBook E Go will usher in a large horizontal screen window, super transfer station and other functional upgrades next week

Huawei MateBook E Go 2-in-1 notebook will usher in a number of functional upgrades. Huawei officially announced that it will gradually push horizontal large windows and super transfer stations from November 14 (next Monday). And function upgrades such as multi-device mobile communication sharing.

The new function supports opening the mobile phone application on the Huawei MateBook E Go in the form of a large horizontal screen, which is more in line with the large-screen operation logic.

The super transfer station is a sharing function. After long-pressing and dragging text, pictures, files, and other content into the super transfer station, users can drag and drop multiple pieces of content across applications and devices at one time and share them in batches.

Huawei HarmonyOS 3 multi-device communication sharing allows large-screen devices to easily share mobile communication and network, and the mobile phone can share its own communication and network capabilities with the tablet. In the case of no card or Wi-Fi, the tablet does not need to switch devices. On the tablet, you can answer or make calls from your mobile phone, and view or reply to short messages received by your mobile phone.

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