Huawei nova 8 pushes Hongmeng HarmonyOS update

According to feedback from netizens, Huawei’s nova 8 series mobile phones began to push the (C00E160R9P6) version, and the download size package is 1.42 GB. The update log shows that this update adds a super transfer station function, and enhances the universal card and gallery moment functions, and it is recommended to update.

Here are the updates:

System: Added the function of the super transfer station. After long-pressing and dragging text, pictures, files, and other content into the super transfer station, you can drag out multiple contents at a time across applications and devices, and share them in batches

Universal card: Added support information, voice recorder, and compass apps to improve user experience

Gallery: The "Moment" page has a new recommendation section, which can display more exciting moments such as growth trajectory, food, pets, etc.

Pure mode: On the basis of the basic protection mechanism of the system, an enhanced protection mode is added to provide complete and powerful protection measures. After the enhanced protection is enabled, all installed applications must pass the security inspection of Huawei AppGallery, and the running of installed risky applications is prohibited. Protect you from the infringement and interruption of risky applications.

 Huawei's nova 8 series is equipped with Kirin 985 5G SoC chip, and nova 8 Pro uses a 6.72-inch 120Hz ring screen, and the screen supports 10bit color depth and HDR10.

Huawei nova 8 Pro uses a front-end combination of 32-megapixel ultra-wide-angle and 16-megapixel portrait lens, supports 100° ultra-wide-angle video shooting and AIS super anti-shake algorithm; Huawei nova 8 uses a 32-megapixel single camera. In terms of rear, Huawei nova 8 and nova 8 Pro both use 64MP main camera + 8MP ultra-wide-angle + macro + depth of field lens.

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