Huawei Power Module 3.0 Passes TÜV SÜD Whole Machine Test

The power module obtained the TÜV SÜD 2.5MW complete machine test report

According to Huawei’s announcement, recently, Huawei’s power module 3.0 passed the complete machine test of TÜV SÜD (referred to as “TÜV SÜD”). This is the first time in the industry completed the power module 2.5MW complete machine test.

TÜV SÜD is a world-renowned third-party testing and certification organization. It has decades of rich experience in data center field solution research, industry-standard formulation, product testing, and certification, and has a global expert network and advanced data center product testing. Environmental and authoritative testing and certification system.

Based on this, Huawei entrusted TÜV SÜD to conduct comprehensive and rigorous tests on the power module 3.0 2.5MW complete machine in a professional environment. Maintainability and other aspects are up to expectations.

Among them, the system efficiency test shows that the full link of Huawei Power Module 3.0 is extremely efficient. Under different rated linear load conditions, the highest system efficiency is 97.8% (the actual measurement is as high as 98.3%), which is much higher than the link efficiency of the traditional power supply solution of 94.5%. Can effectively reduce power consumption. In the system mode switching test, the power module 3.0 supports 0ms switching between all modes. When the bypass input is abnormal, the intelligent online mode can be switched to double conversion mode or battery mode at 0ms to ensure the uninterrupted operation of the data center.

Aiming at system reliability and maintainability, TÜV SÜD conducted a high-temperature test on the power module 3.0 under different load rates. IT Home learned that the test results show that the system operates normally within the preset range of 0-40°C, and the temperature rise of the system is far better than the standard requirements. At the same time, the test confirmed that the core components of the power module 3.0 support modular hot-swappable maintenance, and the replacement can be completed in 5 minutes, plug and play, and easy to maintain.

In addition, the software function test shows Huawei's power module 3.0 iPower intelligent features, with full-chain visibility, switch tuning, AI low-load high-temperature prediction, key component life prediction, switch health assessment and other functions. With the support of iPower, the power module 3.0 can monitor the temperature of the whole link in real time; it can predict the life of key components and wearing parts such as capacitors and fans in advance, prevent problems before they occur, improve the safety and reliability of the power supply and distribution system of the data center, and promote The operation and maintenance have changed from passive alarm to automatic self-prevention.

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