Huawei releases scenario-based solution for smart oil and gas fields

At the 2022 Huawei Connect Conference in Shenzhen, China Oil and Gas Summit, Huawei released a scenario-based solution for smart oil and gas fields, covering three solutions of "smart well site, smart field station, and one network of oil and gas fields is committed to helping realize the efficient and intelligent production of oil and gas fields through digital technology.

As the core of oil and gas production, most well sites are located in remote locations with harsh environments and face many challenges such as difficult data collection, difficult equipment maintenance, and inability to timely feedback working conditions. In this regard, Huawei's smart well site solution has created a new generation of well site intelligent fusion terminals to replace "well site remote terminal unit RTU (Remote Terminal Unit) + switch + fiber transceiver", simplifying the structure and making it easier to operate and maintain; training on cloud conditions, the scale of the model is issued, and the business is closed in real time on the side of the well site; video AI is linked to production data, and sudden risks can be automatically started and stopped remotely.

Oil and gas field stations are the nodes of oil and gas collection and processing, and have strict requirements for production safety and perimeter security. At present, the degree of digitalization in the station is still insufficient, and there are problems such as many application systems, difficult data sharing, and manual security inspection. Based on this, Huawei provides smart oil and gas field digital bases, and cooperates with industry partners to build smart stations around "station security, inspection, equipment management, and emergency management." The security emergency response time is shortened from 30 minutes to 5 minutes; the inspection robot reduces the overall inspection workload of the depot by 40~50%, improves the operation and maintenance efficiency by 50%, realizes the transformation of "civil air defense" into "technical defense", and helps the station's intelligence upgrade.

In response to the long-standing problems of chaotic network architecture, multiple layers, difficult operation and maintenance, and low reliability in oilfield network systems, Huawei has created a unified architecture, unified operation and maintenance, one network for multiple purposes, and integrated security for oil and gas fields. "One Web" solution.

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