Huawei's Euler operating system installed capacity reaches 2.45 million sets

The Huawei 2022 Full Connect Conference will be held from 7 to 9, involving Huawei Hongmeng, Huawei Kunpeng, Ascend AI, and Euler.

At today's Huawei Fully Connected Conference, Wang Tao, Huawei's executive director and director of the ICT Infrastructure Business Management Committee, revealed that Huawei's Euler operating system has reached 2.45 million sets, surpassing the critical point of ecological development.

Wang Tao pointed out that building a leading network infrastructure, building a solid computing power base, developing a prosperous basic software ecosystem, and building an open industry digital platform are the four key measures to jointly build China's digital infrastructure.

At the beginning of October, the domestic operating system openEuler released the official version update of 22.09. As the first innovative version after community donation, 22.09 has a total of 670 million lines of code and 20.12 million lines of new code, of which 48,000 lines of original code have been added to the kernel.

In the new version, openEuler realizes the interconnection between Euler and Hongmeng by integrating a real-time kernel and explores innovative applications in scenarios such as geographic inspection.

openEuler (Huawei Euler Open Source Operating System) is geared toward digital infrastructure. This new version has 1,265 developers participating in the construction, which is the largest number of developers.

Participating companies: Huawei, Kirin Software, Tongxin Software, Runhe Software, Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Torlins, Kirin Principal, China Unicom, SUSE, Loongson Zhongke, Intel, Hyperfusion, Wuxi Advanced Technology Research Institute, Puhua Basic software and other companies and scientific research institutes are involved.

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