Hubson Black Hawk 2 drone released

Hubson recently released the Black Hawk 2 UAV, which focuses on cost-effectiveness. The price starts at 1,599 yuan, and it is expected to ship on December 1.

Hubson drones are equipped with or support brushless motors, smart batteries, three-axis brushless gimbals, digital image transmission, optical flow, image sensors, long battery life, strong wind resistance, multiple intelligent functions, high-cost performance, no fake Publicity, after-sale protection.

Battery life: The Hubson UAV can cruise slowly for 33 minutes (measured at 25Km/h in a windless environment), and hover for 29 minutes (measured at normal temperature and windless conditions, hovering at a height of 2 to 4 meters).

Hubson uses the third-generation smart battery, with a 1-year warranty, and 2 batteries are worth 3 other batteries. Adopt a 4S smart lithium battery with a capacity of 2800mAh, higher energy density, and safer and more efficient output. The battery of the Black Hawk 2 is the same as the 3200mAh battery of the ACE SE Elite Edition and the 4200mAh battery of the ACE PRO Elite Edition. And it is not a waste of electricity, not a drum kit.

Black Hawk 2 adopts Hubson SyncLeas 1.0 digital image transmission, which is easy to use, has a long distance (5KM), stable transmission, and strong anti-interference.

The Hubson UAV supports 4K images, uses a 1/2.6-inch image sensor, supports 4K30 frame video capture, and has a video bit rate of 100Mbps .

Hubson UAV adopts three-axis brushless gimbal, supports silky mirror movement and movie lens, intelligent mode includes surround mode (point of interest surround, image surround), follow mode (GPS follow, smart image follow), waypoint mode, creative mode (straight up to the sky, 360° shooting), comet mode, fade away mode, flick mode, ray mode.

Hubson UAV supports panoramic photography, supports vertical shooting mode and upward shooting mode, and keeps up with the trend of short videos. Upward shooting mode to experience different angle shocks.

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